DYNOJET Performance Evaluation Results
NanoSave N1 National Distributor Miles Dalton recently took a 2000 Ford Explorer with a stock 5.0 Litre V8 (302 C.I.) Engine for a Dyno Run. The Ford Explorer an everyday grocery getter with 136,000 miles was put through the paces at BSI RACING’s DYNO JET in Daytons Beach Florida. The Explorer was base lined with Mobile 1 and Sunoco gas in the tank. The oil was then changed and NanoSave N1-S Nano Engineered Full Synthetic blend oil was added.

The vehicle was then drove around town for 2 weeks adding an additional 513 miles in order to form a full NanoShield coating on all engine parts. The Explorer then headed back to the Dyno. The vehicle was using the same gas and had no further modifications made. The goal was to Dyno the Ford with the NanoSave N1 being the only change made between Dyno tests.

The Horsepower went down a bit, but according to the techs at BSI RACING this was due to the subtle changes in temp and humidity. The test results indicated an amazing increase in torque output, torque was up over 16% from the previous test using the Mobile 1. NanoSave N1-S reduces friction and that translates into more energy being transferred to the wheels. The computer records from this incredible Dyno Test are below. NanoSave N1-S Nano Engineered Ultra High Performance Oils and Lubes.

2000 Ford Explorer with 136,000 miles up on the Dyno at BSI RACING in Daytona

Explorer getting put through the paces at BSI Racing

The Computer Monitor tells the tale.